InfographicV2_featured image

Infographic Designs – volume 2

BarrymoresGhost_featured image

Illustration + Typography – Barrymore’s Ghost

Ads_march2016_featured image

Typographic Promo Ads

comic_featured image

Illustration – Magnet Comic strip

healthyGut_featured image

Infographic Design – Healthy Gut, Healthy Mind

chrome_featured image

Branding/Logo Design – Chrome Dance Centre

type2015_featured image

Typedesign 2015

posters2015_featured image

Typography Poster Designs

Characters2015_featured image

The Characters of 2015

SocialChangeRewards_featured image

Branding + UX/UI Design – Social Change Rewards

Hudbay_featured image

UX + UI design – Hudbay Minerals

HealthCND_featured image

Infographic Designs – Health Canada