This was a collaboration with CaliforniaOG an organic off grid farm in the Emerald Triangle in northern California.

Tommy D, the mastermind behind the project runs the farm and contacted me ,about doing a NFT project where the utility behind the NFT would be cannabis supply and revenue. Partial ownership in the business to put simple.

Wow! Sure I’m in. 

But there was more. Tommy D, also engaged The Bloat Floaters to create original tracks for each NFT! So now my art is attached to a California surfer band for ever, how fuckin’ cool!!

Amazing things can happen in Web3, and I was so glad to be a part of this project. 

More about the NFT

The CaliforniaOG Genesis Collection starts the Story. Capture your CaliforniaOG NFT and Unlock the power to journey down this path with us, in real life, and on the Blockchain.  The Genesis Collection is the first piece of this evolving puzzle.

CaliforniaOG NFTs will be Launched with Unlockable Content that will grant them the Seed with which everything begins.