The RASTA Series

Since my teen years I have never liked wearing or even seeing friends wearing clothing with big ass brand name logos across their chests. You become a walking bloody billboard for the brand and you don’t even get paid, you have to pay them to be the billboard!!! So in an effort to not buy or wear t-shirts or hoodies with big brand logos on them, I realized you have to search long and hard to find quality without a big ass brand logo on the item of clothing or you can simply design some cool stuff and make your own t-shirts and hoodies. For me I love roots reggae and the conscious message the rastaman brings and so I thought I would design a series of type art that I could put on clothing. These are available for purchase, so if you want one just drop me an email!

After creating some of the designs in this series, I was directed by a friend to enter the International Reggae Poster Contest. The 2 posters above were my entries and the left poster “Ranking Sounds System” was selected as one of the finalist and part of the international show for 2016.