I was camping on a 10 day trip. I had one bar for signal some days, most days no signal, but that’s why I was camping, so I’m fine with it. But one morning I was checking my phone for signal and noticed I had a voice mail recently left! What?! I had a message, didn’t hear it ring, I couldn’t believe it! It was from an old friend who was the creative lead working on the McDonalds Canada account and asks if I would like to do a little typographic work for a campaign. Amazing, an offer to do something I love, creating lettering art, while I’m camping which I love to do! Of-course I said yes!

I sketched up a couple of sample pieces for the creative group at the agency to approve a style and treatment while I was camping, and thankfully the images got sent with my lack of signal. Once I got back from my camping trip, the project officially kicked off. The ask was to create a lettering style that is fun and playful, but still very legible for viewing at a distance. The concept was to use quotes that people say to describe how they eat their favourite McDonalds food item. My task, was to make it look like someone had used a paint brush to slap these message up, but keep them consistent and easy to read. Love that! Thank you to the team at Cossette for the opportunity to create and letting me apart of a great team.
Client: McDonalds Canada
Agency: Cossette Canada