Babylon Misfits NFT Collection

In the realm of the crypto metaverse, there exists a Tribe of extraordinary individuals known as The Babylon Misfits: truly original non-conformiststo whom individuality and positive vibes come naturally.

Inspired by unique and interesting people I would see on my daily commutes in downtown Toronto.

I wanted to make a collection of characters that I had been drawing in my sketchbooks for years and bring them to life in Web3. I wanted them to be inclusive, diverse and gender neutral, with a goal of building a community of owners who want to see more love and good vibes in the world.

I started working on this collection at the end of summer 2021. First developing the concept and story for the collection, then once that was figured out I started creating the art and the hundreds of assets it takes to produce a #generative #NFTart collection. After 5 months of drawing and some digital production the collection was ready to be generated. 1990 unique images dropped February 8th. After that my journey into being an NFT artist began and proved to be an almost full time project with social content creation, community building and networking a constant in my life, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

The world was in a major recession. Society splintered. Communities became tribes. Some slipped into isolation, conflict and division. But over the years the tribes found peace and prosperity by organizing themselves in a distinct order of leadership. Love came to humanity and they created a world where poverty is no longer a problem. But all that wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for that night at Club Babylon.
The nearby tribes of Mangifera and Sativum haven’t been officially connected in 35 years at this point. It was like east and west Berlin during the Cold War. But the border at east Mangifera was quiet and many from Sativum snuck in to hang out at the club there. One night a group from Sativum arrived at Club Babylon. They encountered another group of cool Mangiferans. What was once division melted away with a spliff and a great Reggae song. The groups came together as one sharing intellect and entrepreneurial ideas.
As the years went by those who enjoyed Babylon started mutating, their DNA updating with their appearance. Eyes and heads became warped and haunting. But the more their intelligence and energy increased - their life experience amplified. They looked weird but it didn’t matter anymore - it was the price to pay for evolution.

The greatest part of this collection was the ability to donate $8000 dollars to Covenant House in Toronto. An organization that helps youth who find themselves on the streets. I created custom hoodies to give away to NFT holders. 100 hoodies were sent to holders in 16 different countries around the world. I also hand painted 8 custom paintings of Babylon Misfits NFTs and shipped them to owners as well. 

Did a collaboration with Cannaseur and custom painted an NFT on a cannabis humidor and gave it away to a lucky owner with the matching NFT. 

Designed and created branded merchandise for my collection that was available for anyone to purchase and was used as giveaways and perks for ownership.

The proudest part about this collection and all it has achieved for me is that unlike other projects in Web3 that are built by a team of people. I am proud to say that everything created and produced for Babylon Misfits was created by my hand.