Any creative from beginning to end skooJAH can pull it off at a professional senior creative level and with turn around times faster than most.




For well over 15 years and from Skooj’s agency days as an art director , turned creative director presentation decks have been a constant source of design. Every client and every presentation has their own specific needs, from straight up design to data visuals, illustration and comp art. When you’re presenting you want to look good, Skooj has been helping people look great for years..


Skooj have probably produced more pitch creative than he has produced final artwork, it’s the nature of the advertising business. With 20 years of pitching and presenting experience there isn’t much Skooj hasn’t created or mocked up. Full digital campaigns, storyboard art, experiential mock ups and custom branding all in days pitch.


Every concept and idea usually gets a name and most of the time it needs an identity designed. The process will always start with pencil to paper but the results are numerous. Skooj has designed so many concept identities and concept logos that would take days to view them all, so here is just a sample.


Schooled as an illustrator, Skooj has the ability and the experience to pull off any style of illustration. Creating art with a distinct and crazy style has been a on going passion for Skooj, but being able to adapt and illustrate in all different styles with the highest quality has enabled Skooj to take on projects most designers cannot!

This is just a sample of what skooJAH is all about and what scoot’s creative capabilities are. To view the skooJAH recent and full work portfolio click below.