Aavagotchi Maafia Collab NFT

I was fortunate enough to meet and befriend some of the owners and members of the Aavagotchi DAO community on the Polugon blockchain. This community is one of the most active DAO communities on the blockchain and the people I met from the Mafia Trait group were awesome. So when the community was launching a new auction NFT gallery called Fake Gotchi, it was a no brainer getting involved to create a Fake Gotchi piece of art for the NFT auction. I wanted this one to be animated, so I could show the daytime and nightime version of this Gotchi Ghost. I also created some music to just finish this off with some sound. A bunch of them were minted straight away, but there are some more available if you are part of the Aavagotchi community. They can be found here

The making of this Fake Gotchi NFT